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Canadian Trinity Hockey School Program

The intention of our Hockey School Program is to combine the basic skills of hockey and power skating with discipline, concentration and effort in an enjoyable and learning atmosphere. We have programs for all male and female players – forwards, defense or goalies, from beginners to experienced. Players are grouped by age, ability and size. The individual player is challenged to improve his/her own skill development during each of the drills. Each week every group ends his/her last session with a scrimmage followed by an assembly of parents and players for a summary of the week’s program, distribution of report cards and draws from sponsor donated prizes.

In addition to our excellent Hockey Program, we also offer the services of Player consulting and Player Development. Contact our office for more information.

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Skating is the most important individual skill in Hockey. Power skating will be a daily component directed by a professional skating instructor. In addition each day, one of the following skills will be emphasized: stickhandling, passing, receiving, shooting, scoring and checking (over 12 year olds only). Team and positional strategies will be introduced.


Goalie receives separate instruction for some sessions by a Goalie coach in angles, stance, skate saves, glove saves, pad stacks, positional play, etc. Goalies are integrated with the skaters. Goalie program is for 9 year olds and up. There is only room for 3 or 4 goalies for each group. For more details, contact the office.


We strive to develop team concept and eye-hand coordination through activities such as dry land training, flexibility drills and games related to all hockey skills. Each group has one off ice session per day. All locations will make use of the indoor and outdoors facilities as available. Many of the activities are such that the player can use for his year round fitness program. We usually throw in some fun activities as well!


During the daily classroom session, the instructor uses a variety of teaching techniques to show players the expected procedures for effective skill progression. Most up to date instructional video tapes, chalk talk and demonstrations are tools used to assist in this area.



This is a beginners program suitable for ages 6 – 8. Each day consists of 1 1/4 hrs of ice time, a short classroom session and an off ice program. Players should have played a minimum of one year of organized hockey.
FEE: $285.00


Suitable for 7 year olds and up who have played at least a year or two of organized hockey. Each day consists of two 1 1/4 hours of ice time, classroom session and an off-ice session. This program is between 5 & 6 hours in duration. Starting times depend on the age group. Participants in this Plan must bring lunch or purchase the Lunch Program  as explained elsewhere.
FEE: $410.00


This is a power skating and skill development program for Pee Wee or Bantam players only.
There is also some conditioning drills as well. Each group will have 1 1/4 hours of ice time per day for the week from Monday to Friday. It is intended to be a preparation for all players who will be moving into their tryouts during the month of September. This will be held during the later part of the afternoon each day.
FEE: $195.00 – AUGUST 21 WEEK ONLY


There is a limited number of goalies per group. Goalie program is for 8 year olds and up. Goalies will get instruction during the sessions from a goalie instructor in developing their goalie skills. They will also participate in the power skating and shooting/passing drills.
FEE: $375.00


A planned nutritional lunch for the week is available served in the Shotz lounge.
COST: $65.00 / WEEK

Poster – Download PDF

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